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Goal: Access to free HCV treatment in India
Started: April 2017
Office: H. No. 2125, Ghat No. 2, Yamuna Bazaar, Delhi-110006

Project: Dawn


H. No. 2125, Ghat No. 2, Yamuna Bazaar, Delhi-110006


1: Advocacy to improve screening, diagnostics and treatments

  1. Meetings with MoH to encourage scale up of screening, diagnostics and treatment with DAAs
  2. Send letters and data collection towards hospitals (11 ART centres) to demand the availability of screening kits, etc.

2: Campaign for data release

  1. Meetings with NACO and MoH to push them to release confidential HCV data and clarity on NACO’s Mandate

3: Community trainings and HCW training demand

  1. National seminar: planning, implementing, defining the content in collaboration with MoH
  2. State level seminar: Awareness on HCV with local PLHIV Networks
  3. Push the MoH and public hospitals to train their HCW and provide training materials

4: Advocacy activities aiming at the publication of national guidelines

  1. Writes letters to the MoH asking that guidelines include our demand and include CSO in the HCV committee
  2. To Negotiate with pharmaceutical industries better priced packages for diagnostics and treatments

5: Testing monitoring report to improve access to treatment

  1. Monitoring report on testing delivery in public hospitals by consultant
  2. Meetings with decision makers (directorate of health and hospitals” directors) to accompany the consultant’s work

6: Advocacy and mobilization activities at Delhi state level

  1. Rally and silent protest to demand HCV treatment

7: judicial case on access to treatment

  1. The case will cover: PIL to demand government to availed free HCV treatment

8: Advocacy training and support activities for HCV patients

  1. Write case stories (narrating malpractices due to the lack of guidelines) to be sent to appropriate stakeholders and media
  2. Design billboards to be posted in strategic areas
  3. support (information, accompany to testing, treatment literacy) IDUs when meeting them in the hospital.
  4. Organize support group meetings with the community


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