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IProject: Test and Treat Delhi
Started: January 2012
Office: Ghat No. 2, Yamuna Bazaar, Old Delhi.

Project: Test and Treat Delhi


Ghat No. 2, Yamuna Bazaar, Old Delhi.

The Project “Treat and Retain Delhi” was started on February 2012 in both Yamuna Bazar and Jahangirpuri. And in later year, the Project was Continue in Yamuna Bazar only. The project is for people who use drug (PUD) and People Living with HIV (PLHIV). These IDUs stayed on street, under the flyover and at Public Parks. They are homeless who migrated from neighboring states. We do counselling and registered them in ARTC, initiate ARV treatment, Conducted Support Group Meetings twice in a month. We have registered 352 PUD/PLHIV in ARTC till now. The number on ARV clients is 29 till June 2017.

With the demand of our community who wants to quit their drug addiction, we had started Detox Centre which is name “Vikalp” in 2016. It can accommodate about 6 to 8 clients. Here the clients are given OST, food and shelter with the objective to come out mentally and physically strong to live outside as any normal person.

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